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Saturday, October 17, 2020


by Norton Rodriguez

The NEW iPhone 12 Pro looks very Promising as the next Generation of Smartphone also geared towards Movie Making Cinematography.

For years, I've been saying that the future of Cinematography was mostly about making Movies with a SmartPhone.   Sure the Technology is not all there yet, but it's sure getting very close.  Eventually, smartphone Technology will surpass or at least be in par with today's larger format Digital Cameras such as the DSLRs and others.

Still today in 2020, I've been making some great cool videos for my clients using the iPhone 11.  And I love it.   

What I love about Making Videos with the iPhone 11:

  1. Small size
  2. Easy of use
  3. Quick and Simple Record Button
  4. Cine-Photography is mostly done automatic in-camera for you
  5. And they already come with a GREAT built-In Image Stabilizer 
  6. And anyone can mount Pro Wireless lav to it easy.

Here is DP Emmanuel Lubezki telling a great story... and his story is very similar to mine since I also started in the 1980's filming with 35mm Motion Picture Cameras (those were the Film Days!)... when film cameras were Mechanical (not digital) and everything on the camera was done Manually by the DP or the Camera Assistant... and you couldn't see what you shot until days later when the film was sent and processed by a film lab.  The magic of those days are gone with Digital Cinematography, where what you see on the screen is what you get!  It wasn't like that back in the day.  But the new iPhone, makes Making Movies fun and as easy as one, two, three.  No more excuses... ANYONE CAN MAKE A MOVIE thanks to Today's new smartphones.

Get ready to make movies with the New iPhone 12 pro and the likes! 

Making Movies 4God!

Norton Rodriguez

Friday, June 12, 2020


Iris Ministries - Kids amazed and thrilled at a video camera

As a Christian Film Producer myself sometimes I feel there are so many great positive movie stories that could be produced today, but because movies are a lot more complicated, expensive and take more time to produce.... In the meantime (while writing the scripts or having a film in the pre-production stage), currently, just to keep my creative juices flowing, I'm writing these posts, but I also... post short Creative & motivational Words from The Lord for such a Time as this... and that's a ministry in itself.  In fact, I call it, being a: 

'Social Media Content Producer Missionary'.

I believe Short Motivational Words, Pics or Short Gospel Videos produced and posted with The Lord's help and guidance, are just as Powerful as any movie, because we all know that One Word from The Lord... can change a Life!  Sure we love movie making, but we often forget that the 'Simplicity of Posting' just one short Word, Positive Phrase, and Creative Pic with a message, or even a Short Gospel Video on Social Media can go such a long way as a Social Media Content Producer Missionary! Because whether we know it or not, or like it or not.. Today, as Christians we are all Called to be Social Media Content Missionaries for The Kingdom of God as well. 

And it has become very clear to me and many others, that this is what God intended for us to do when He Created and gave us... The Internet.  So that Christians could post Gospel Messages, Pics and Videos on a Daily basis.  And so many are doing so.  But the great thing, is that we as filmmakers may become as Creative as we can... like for example filming a 30 second mini-short Gospel story on video... with one actor... or even without an actor.  And create a powerful message on video with Text over some cool scenes.  The key is always to grasp the viewers attention, in a cool creative way so that they may receive God's message for that day.

Sometimes as Christian movie makers, we are too focused on the Big Picture, planning the movie we want to make, but forget the little things and the powerful messages we could post each day, just to touch a life out there who may really need it.   Your short Gospel video may be that one message they needed to hear to get them through the day, or even worst, in a more dramatic manner... perhaps, stopping a person from committing suicide.  Because of what God showed them through the short 30 second video you just posted on Social Media, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, the key it to try to impact and motivate someone at the other end of the wifi connection of the Internet.   

What I am trying to say here, is that we don't have to always think BIG PICTURE or that we MUST produce this 90 Minute feature film to reach the masses for Christ, today, a well made... short 30 second Gospel video, can reach the world faster and 'sometimes' more effective than a movie can.  Yes, we have reached that time in History when such things are truly possible.   If you don't believe me... Think of the millions that are reached daily through the production of small 30 seconds TV and Web spots, which are produced by Secular Companies around the world.   Ask them what they think of the Power of a 30 second spot?  Or ask any Marketing Company of the power of just one 30 second spot?    This is why we don't see Big companies that do have millions to make whatever they want... making movies.  Why?  Because the truth is that it has been proven that a 30 second spot can and will impact the world just as any blockbuster movie.  And the thing is... what does it take to make a blockbuster film?  Nobody knows, because movie making has always been a gamble.  Some make it and some don't.  

I'm not saying that we should stop making movies.   But I am saying that we should also (in the meantime) as The Lord guides us and directs us, we should also become Social Media Content Producer Missionaries.   I believe this is a Time and a Season to post the things that God is telling us to post (even in the process of trying to making a movie).   Keep in mind a movie concept, can also be made into several short (30 seconds) minute videos, and it can well be used as a Movie Trailer for your film.    And even then, if you already have a movie trailer, today you can have several movie trailers for the same movie, to help you self-promote and market your feature all over Social Media in a more effective manner.    

I also know this... and I will be totally honest with you, today, God is bypassing Christian Filmmakers altogether.  How you may ask?  By making every Christian a Social Media Content Producer Missionary!  Let's not forget, that everyone and their mother own a camera these days in the palm of their hands... a smartphone.  And a lot of people are getting busy making all kinds of short videos and short films with it.  So we too, should consider making shorter Gospel videos whenever possible.

Think about it, how many feature length movies can we make in a year?  One or Two feature films?  I have not been able to make more than one a year.   And once a filmmaker makes one Feature film, it takes 3 to 5 years to produce the next.  That at least is the norm (all depending on how much budget you have).  But the reality is that once we finish a movie, we are all broke... and we are still stuck in trying promote, market and distribute our just produced film.   I don't know about you, but for me, that process alone, takes me 3 to 5 years, just to get 'some' of the money back from the Christian films I've produced.   

That said... the reason I tell you this is because I've already tested the waters and have become a Social Media Content Producer Missionary myself.   This very blog you are reading, is part of the several blogs I produce and post on.   This one happens to be on teaching Christian Movie Making.  Something we should all do once we feel we've reached a specific level of professionalism in making movies.   Meaning, we (as Christian Filmmakers) always have something to teach about, we all have our own tricks and techniques on how to make a movie, so why not teach on that. 

I became a Social Media Content Producer Missionary the year I was able to produce over 100 short Gospel videos for a ministry called  But of course, at the time, we were ready, organize and we had a budget and a crew, so that made things easier.   

Here is one of the 100 shorts Creative videos we produced for Social Media.  It can be done.  It's like making a short film in a day.  Most of these shorts (see short below), were under 3 minutes and shot in half a day.  I work fast, so we moved fast.  

I was camera operator and DP in this
 short Gospel Video titled: La Prueba (The Test)! 

And again, just because we are Christian movie makers, that shouldn't stop us from becoming a Social Media Content Producer Missionary and Posting Daily creative content for The Kingdom of God.  Of course, some content could be just Text with a Plain Background, or Tex with a Pic, and of course, the key as Christian Filmmakers is to produce a short 30 second Creative video, so that we may continue to be Ministers of The Gospel for The Kingdom of God. 

In such a time as this... God needs you, getting His Word Out... more than ever before!  Amen.

Make Movies 4God!

Sunday, June 7, 2020



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The Art of Entertainment
by Norton Rodriguez

Saturday, March 28, 2020


The Revelation of Hollywood's Foundation According to God.  

In 2001, I asked God a simple question: 

"Lord, has there ever been a top Christian Filmmaker in Hollywood?", 

This was way before the Passion of The Christ (2004), and in a time, when there were no Christian films in theaters, not one (I remember those days), yet God was calling me to make Christian movies and start a ministry to unite, equip and motivate Christian movie makers through and online little Group the Lord guided me to start titled:, it originally started at Yahoo (over 20 years ago) and then I moved it to Facebook once Facebook got started (2004).  Back in those days (in the 1980's & 1990's), Christian films could only be found in some churches on 16mm film format (black and white and some in Color, and others were on VHS).  Soon after, these same Christian films were showing up on DVDs; a new Digital technology coming out at the time :)   

It took about 6 months for God to answer my question, but I remember it like it was yesterday.   I was driving alone in my video production van just a few blocks away from my house, when I suddenly heard a soft and gentle voice speak to me... that said the following;

"Study Cecil B. DeMille"  

It wasn't a loud voice, it was soft but very direct.  Keep in mind, that at the time I had no idea who Cecil B. DeMille was.  But, I did suddenly remember that I had asked God a question three months earlier; "Lord, has there ever been a Christian Filmmaker in Hollywood?".

Once I had my answer, I spent the next three (3) months researching books, films and anything and everything I could find online and at bookstores on Cecil B. DeMille.   This was also before Youtube (2005).   And when I was done with all my research... I was amazed to find a ton of Hidden Revelations that I had no idea it existed.    Below, in this post, you will find most (not everything) but most of the things I found in my research.  I yet have other things to release and reveal, including The Revelation of The Motion Picture Camera which may very well become my next post.

As I conducted my research on Cecil B. DeMille, I began to discover that God really wanted me to go deeper in my research and learn about how and why He had Chosen and Blessed Hollywood in the first place.  We've all known that Hollywood has always seemed to be Blessed since its creation.  The fact, that Hollywood became the Film Capital of The World since its conception is really amazing.   But as you will soon begin to see... God Planned and Orchestrated every part of it. 

But, the question we must ask... is why?  Why Hollywood?  Why The name? and Why such a small city next to such a famous hill? 

So here it goes...

First, the most obvious revelation or hint, is found in it's name:  

Holly (Holy) + Wood = The Wooden Cross of Christ 
(A coincidence or a God ordain vision?) you be the judge.  
Don't believe it?, then why is the name raised up on a mountain? (Christ like) for the whole world to see?  

Yes, the sign truly began as a marketing tool... 'HOLLYWOODLAND' 

Years after the land was surveyed. The sign was located on Mt. Lee, just north of Griffith Park, and initially said “Hollywoodland.” Complete with 4,000 lights, the sign would blink at night, flashing the words “Holly,” “wood,” and “land” consecutively.  The word “land” would eventually be removed in the 1940’s... and it was finally left as: HOLLYWOOD

The truth is that God is very Good at giving key names to places and people, but the secular world (as always) they would want us to believe the name came from the Holly Berry Tree and its fruit (which is totally fine with me), so... let's read where the Holly Berry Tree got its name:  

Here is the REAL story... The word "hollyis thought by many (me included) to be a 'corruption' of the word "holy" (this is obvious); because it's thorns came to symbolize Jesus crown of thorns, while its red berries stood for his blood (See Pic Below). 

Furthermore, if the above meaning of the Holy Berry tree weren't true...  Then, why are they so widely used on Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Trees and as Christmas Decorations (???).

The History of Christian Hollywood, California

I've always said and taught that to become a true Christian filmmaker we need to learn everything there is to learn about the God and the movie making history, and we as Christians should know that the very Foundation of Hollywood Industry was founded by God and based on Christian Principles.   In fact, the very grounds of Hollywood were purchased and owned by a wealthy Christian couple who dreamed of creating an all Christian Community.

Hollywood was established in 1853, by a Christian wealthy couple; Harvey H. Wilcox and Mrs. Daeida Wilcox who are responsible for naming their new community "Hollywood."  On February 1, 1887, Mr and Mrs. Wilcox submitted a hand-drawn grid map of their new town to the Los Angeles County recorder's office.... And the City of Hollywood was Born.
This is a copy of the original Drawing of The Map of Hollywood when founded by Harvey H. Wilcox and Mrs. Daeida Wilcox.  Some of the same Street names found in this map, can still be found in Hollywood, CA today (2020).
Nearly 38 years prior to the Hollywood Sign adorning Mount Lee, the rumblings of Hollywood began brewing.  Daeida Hartell married Harvey Henderson Wilcox, a prohibitionist who had excelled in Kansas real estate and dominated Republican politics. The two shared Christian beliefs, a sense of adventure and the love of land and architectural development.

Shortly after marrying in Topeka, Kansas, the newlyweds moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Harvey’s family. Despite him contracting polio at the age of 13 and being confined to a wheelchair, the couple welcomed a son named Harry. Harvey was unable to have children with his first wife, putting additional pressure on the newlyweds to start a family. Sadly, at just 18 months old the boy passed away due to unknown causes. To aid their heartbreak, the couple took weekly carriage rides through the Cahuenga Valley.

In 1886, Harvey purchased 120 acres for $18,000 which would be nearly half a million dollars by today's standards.   Following a failed attempt at developing fig and apricot orchards, they decided it would be best to turn to their passion — land development.

As noted in The Beacon Journal and confirmed by The Chicago Tribune, Daeida took the train back to Kansas where her family had relocated to. A conversation sparked with a train passenger named Mary Peck who raved about her estate in Illinois dubbed “Hollywood”.  Daeida instantly knew the name Hollywood was a perfect fit for their California development and upon arriving home, she shared the name with Harvey.   

A Quick Interesting note: is that Walt Disney also received the famous name for 'Mickey Mouse' from his wife while on a train trip from Manhattan to Hollywood.

The official plat documents received by the Los Angeles Recorder’s office.
In February 1887, official plat documents outlining “Hollywood” were filed with the Los Angeles Recorder’s office. By August, Mexican and Chinese workers had successfully propagated pepper plants and the land was subdivided into lots priced at $1000 apiece.

Centered around what is now Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, the land sold quickly, much of it to wealthy families from eastern states who heard about the prestigious Christian community.  As Harvey sold lots, Daeida worked to raise money to build churches, a school and a library.

Harvey passed away in 1891 leaving a heartbroken Daeida to pursue further developments with the fortune of $100,000 ($2.7 million today) he left behind. Daeida maintained her and Harvey’s vision of a liquor free Christian community, free of firearms and questionable hangouts like bowling alleys and pool halls.

In 1894 she married Philo J. Beveridge, son of former Illinois Republican Governor John Lourie Beveridge. The pair continued Hollywood’s growth by establishing the first library, city hall, the Hollywood National Bank and Citizens Savings Bank, a police station that housed 2 officers and one jail cell, the post office which still stands today, and a primary school. She provided land, free of charge for three (3) Christian churches, unconcerned with their denominations.  

The “Mother of Hollywood” as she was often referred to, had accomplished her dream. By 1903, Hollywood was established as an official municipality. Though the city was thriving, just 7 years later, residents pushed for incorporation due to water shortages. Daeida and several prominent figures in the community opposed incorporation, sighting the increased costs and loss of power to alien developers may be detrimental to the integrity of Hollywood. Though the vote was close, in 1910, Hollywood merged with the City of Los Angeles, gaining access to the water supply and sewer system. The Mother of Hollywood was powerless in the decision as women were not permitted to vote until 1920.

CLICK PHOTO to see DeMille Directing
Director / Producer Cecil B. DeMille

Cecil B. DeMille was an avowed Episcopalian Christian of half-Jewish descent who co-founded Hollywood and shot and produced the First ever Feature Film in HollywoodThe Squaw Man (1914), DeMille later became the undisputed master of the American biblical epic.  He produced and directed two versions of The Ten Commandments, the first, a Silent Epic and the second; with Sound and Color The Ten Commandments (1956), both films set the highest standards in Hollywood History for the 'Christian Epic' genre in their respective days. 

In 1913, first time producer and director (Cecil B. DeMille) whose father (Henry C. DeMille) was a devout member of the Episcopal Church and had studied to be a Christian Minister soon became the motivating factor that propelled his son Silent Film Hollywood Director Cecil B. DeMille to produce Judeo/Christian silent movies such as one of the first films ever made based on the life of Jesus Christ The King of Kings (1927) and The Ten Commandments (1923) and also movies with sound like; The Sign of the Cross (1932), Samson and Delilah (1949) and the remake of The Ten Commandments (1956) and others... and all DONE for the Hollywood system he helped create.  You can't get more HOLLYWOOD than Cecil B. DeMille.  

In DeMille's personal Autobiography he wrote about his personal faith in God, and talks how his Father always had a Bible around the house which often times he read which motivated him to produce and direct a few Faith Based films in his career.  He also once said that "The Bible was Full of Movies".   He also mentions that remaking The Ten Commandments with Sound and in Full Color, was a passion that God had placed in his heart; guiding him to produce and direct the film The Ten Commandments (1956) (his last) at 80 years of age.

       CLICK PHOTO to see DeMille Directing The Ten Commandments (1956)

Bottom line... God chose a Judeo/Christian man (with a Minister father) to help start The Hollywood Motion Picture  Industry (This is a Fact).   This information has been hidden for years (and I give God all The Glory and Honor for revealing these hidden information), and often times the Hollywood system of today, has tried to name others as the founders of Hollywood, but all that is fake news!!!   They can always try to Hide The truth, but never Delete The TRUTH.   Cecil B. DeMille was the first Filmmaker to ever make a Full Length Feature Film in Hollywood and use a Barn as the First Movie Studio in Hollywood (on Sacred Ground.)  And we are talking about the Man who gave us THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956). 

This barn, is the first Feature Film Studio ever used to produce DeMill's full length Silent feature film in Hollywood and the first feature film in the U.S.  The Squaw Man (his first feature film) was a success, which led to the eventual founding of Paramount Pictures and Hollywood becoming the "film capital of the world"The barn has become a Museum in Hollywood and may be visited at: 
2100 N Highland Ave, Hollywood, CA. (If a Christian filmmaker in Hollywood get's to visit it, we would love to have them film it and make a video blog on it, so that I may post it here.

CECIL B. DeMILLE STUDIO BARN - Cecil B. DeMille rented half of this structure, then used as a barn, as the studio in which was made the first feature-length motion picture in Hollywood-The Squaw Man-in 1913.

It took studios and production companies a year to realize the potential of Hollywood. With low prices, great weather and the beautiful mountainous backdrop, Hollywood was the place to be. Though Hollywood had banned theaters, the studios fell outside restrictions and were quick to put down roots. Paramount, Columbia, Warner Bros and RKO all took up residence in Hollywood in 1911.

Sadly, Daeida passed away in 1914 of cancer. With the Mother of Hollywood unable to maintain the core Christian values Hollywood once lived by, the city’s ban on alcohol was lifted and Tinseltown ushered in the roaring 20s and Golden Era.

In 1923, the Hollywoodland Sign graced Mount Lee, advertising a nearby development by the same name. Due to the recognition it gave the city, the sign was shortened to Hollywood and left standing for a miraculous 55 years. The sign wasn’t constructed to handle years of weathering and was replaced in 1978. The iconic sign oversaw the film industry’s growth from humble beginnings to the mega industry Hollywood is known for today.

Would Daeida and Harvey be proud of the colossal giant Hollywood has grown to?   The glitz and glamour the famous city oozes often struggles to overshadow the sin and misfortune the upscale lifestyle brings to Hollywood hopefuls. As arguably one of the most successful cities in the United States, Hollywood has surpassed Harvey and Daeida’s wildest dreams... unfortunately for the wrong mission and reasons.

The fact is, That God Created Hollywood and Hollywood has been blessed since its foundation, because its land, was dedicated it to God.    It's a known fact that Daeida and Harvey often times daily walked around their property.  And the Lord showed me that the land of Hollywood had been Blessed because it was Dedicated for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.    

As Christian themselves, we know that they most have prayed as they walked around their property they most have claimed;

Joshua 1:3 
"Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses."

It's what Christians do when they pray or acquire any kind of property, it is obvious that they dedicated to the Lord, plus that's exactly what the Lord showed me.  And for this reason, the Lord had Blessed The Land of Hollywood, because it was designed to spread The Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.   But instead of becoming a blessing to the Nations, it has now become the worst of curses.  

It is really weird, as I write this text, that for the very first time I've noticed that God used a Christian man named Harvey W. (Harvey Wilcox), to acquire, bless and dedicated to the Lord the foundation of what would later become the great City of Hollywood... while today, we see God using another Harvey W.,  (Harvey Weinstein) to destroy it.  Today Hollywood is not even a shadow of what it used to be, in fact, most Hollywood films today are produced out-side of Hollywood, as Georgia is fast becoming the NEW Film Capital of the world.

The Good News and Some Quick Production Tips:

And for this very reason, God has been raising a new generation of Godly and Creative Christian Movie makers which He is currently Blessing beyond their wildest dreams, while hundreds, if not thousands of Christian films and shorts are being produced each year, and that number is growing by leaps and bounds.  

So here is another Blessed Revelation for Christian Filmmakers around the world... with a huge blow to Hollywood. 

Just as Jesus told the Samaritan woman, I also tell you today... 

John 4:21
Jesus replied, "believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem."

The Meaning for us as Christian Filmmakers is this... 

God is done with Hollywood (and it's man-made 'Holly fake' mountain).  The mountain represents Hollywood and it's corrupted sign, now... for us... Jerusalem represents the Church.   So even the church as we know it today will also change, and I believe (and thats just me), that God is calling Christian Filmmakers and Christian Content producers to become what they've always been... The NEW Modern Church (a World Wide MEDIA Church).  And this is exactly where God has been leading me.  This is why The Lord motivated me to start this very Christian Movie Making Blog in 2020 (even before we knew about an upcoming Pandemic).

This is why God has been raising up and uplifting Christian filmmakers (The Prophets of a New Digital Generation) from around the world, making Christian films and Christian Content NOT from Hollywood, or for Hollywood or by Hollywood, but apart from it.  

Christian Filmmakers will continue Producing Godly Media Content from every town, city, state, country and nation... Christian filmmakers are now making films from anywhere and everywhere and without ANY Limitation because we serve an Unlimited HOLY God, God has open the doors of Christian Movie Making and Christian Content Creation Wide Open as both a Part-Time or Full Time Ministry.  

This is why, Christian Movie Making will never be a money-making scheme, and whoever sees it as such, should be taken off God's Product Team at once.    Always make sure that everyone in your Team (to the Best of your abilities) see your Christian film or content as a Ministry for The Kingdom of God... and for this very reason, we should never unite forces with companies, producers or directors who are unbelievers, or from those who do not share or care about God's HOLY Vision.    I don't say it, God said it and He made it very clear in His Holy Word:  

2 Corinthians 6:14
"Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?".

Just following this simple rule of thumb, will eliminate 50% or more... of your future production problems or issues.  This was also taught to us through the ministry of Jesus Christ, when Jesus himself declared;

John 6:70

"Jesus answered them, “Did I not choose you, the twelve, and one of you is a devil?” 

God doesn't play games with His Holy Word and neither should we.  

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

If you have been given more insight or revelation based on The Christian Hollywood History, please post the info. on this post or email me at:

Thank You!

Thursday, March 19, 2020


Silent Film Cinematography

Because we (Christian Filmmakers, Movie Makers and Christian Movie lovers) are all currently taking a 'Pause' because of the Coronavirus saga (it's March 2020), and many of us have more time in our hands than ever before :)   I have included here, a short Youtube Documentary Film about The History of Silent Film and It's Cinematography!  (you will find the link below this blog post).  

I really love this documentary and I know you will love it too (specially if you truly have a Passion for Motion Pictures, of course).  If possible, try watching it on a big screen TV through Cable TV (I have Comcast which gives me direct access to youtube, but if you don't have cable, you could connect your Laptop or Computer via HDMI cable (and if your laptop doesn't have HDMI OUT, you may need an adapter/converter to do so) just get it from Best Buy or some other similar Electronic store.   

This is a great time to learn everything there is to learn about FilmMaking and specially The History of Silent Films, because in everything we see, research and watch we always tend to learn something we didn't know before, even if it's just one thing, it will all be worth it!    In fact, this is the process of how we learn and how our mind stores and uses information... so that one day, when we least expect it, perhaps while we are filming our next Christian Movie and we are standing on a movie set, perhaps thinking on how we should light the set or shoot a certain scene...  and at that very moment... this one thing you learned years ago, will come to mind and give you that specific edge you need to make the scene work.    

My greatest film making ideas have come to me while in the middle of filming one of my Christian movies.   In that very moment, when I had no idea what to do or how to do something (sometimes because of the pressure of being live on the set), the... when I least expect it, that one filmmaking trick I learned years ago... pops into my head.    As if somebody was watching me from above (and some is watching over us... of course:)   At that very moment, is as if God knows exactly when to bring that one Idea that we learned years ago... again, at the very moment when we (behaps had totally forgotten about it), but suddenly God brings it to our mind as a simple thought, but it becomes clear as day.   And the thought, usually starts as a barely perceptible thought that if we are not paying attention and we are not seeking for it... we may miss it.  This is why Prayer, and seeking God before, during and after each filming is SUPER important.  

For me, being in touch with The Kingdom of God throughout the making of my God Films is the KEY to my success!, and to me, success is NOT making a Million Dollars with a movie, to me success is as simple as Starting and Finishing God's Kingdom Message in a movie format.   A movie that is ready to be shown online or on theaters anywhere and everywhere possible (whether it makes money or not) that's God's domain.   As a Christian Filmmaker my job is to help Plant the Seed in Good Soil, and then Water It, but it's GOD who makes it grow!    In other words, my job as a Christian filmmaker is to make the movie happen with God's help.   And I always make sure that God is with me in every movie I make.  In fact, I have often told God, the following;

 "Lord, if you are NOT with me on this film, I'm out!"  "I rather never make another film... unless, you show me You are ALL IN with me."  "And Lord, if this is NOT the film I should make, please, show me now!"

I don't know about you, but that's how I talk to God, He's my best friend and He knows it :) 

The truth is that I never stop learning, it doesn't matter that I have over 30 years of movie making experience, that means nothing today.  Filmmaking has changed a lot, as you will soon see on the documentary below!  But I love learning and I keep learning everything I can about movie making, cinematography and movie magic all the time, because you just never know when you get to use that one thing (trick) you read about on a film book, you saw in a movie or in a youtube video and then use such new or old technique in one of The Lord's movie.    Also, keep in mind, that what the world calls old or out of style, for God there is no such thing... because for God All Things are New and also everything is Eternal.

Again, the secret of becoming a Top Professional filmmaker is to be alway learning as much as possible about the art, the history; including learning about every new equipment that just came out in the market, just last week or the week before.  Staying on top of the latest Digital video production gear in the industry always keeps us ahead of the curve, and these knowledge will always help us become a better Movie Maker for The Kingdom of God.

I have personally selected this Silent Film Cinematography documentary for you to watch, as a Film Class to help you understand the true power of Motion Picture Film, as well as Today's Digital Cinematography! 

Enjoy the following Documentary film: 

The History of Silent Film Cinematography

We will be showing more Key Educational Documentary Films such as this one for the sake of Learning everything there is to know about Motion Pictures and It's History.